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Properly Caring For Your Lithium Battery

Keep your lithium battery running efficiently and reliably for years to come with these essential storage, charging, and maintenance tips!

Store the batteries at room temperature – between 40F – 95F (4C – 32C) as extreme heat or cold can negatively impact performance. Prevent rust build-up in saltwater areas by avoiding moisture exposure. Put your battery in a plastic bag to prevent moisture.  Finally don’t forget about regular upkeep such as recharging every two months – a few simple steps will ensure optimal power retention long into the future!

When you use your battery, sometimes individual cells will discharge their power quicker than their peers. Charging your battery to full capacity allows the cells inside to balance themselves which in turn will give you the maximum run time your battery is capable of. If you are on the fence about whether to charge your battery or not, it is better to stay on the safe side of charging it.

 Your LiFePO4 battery will last longer than advertised so long as you do not completely discharge it every time you use it.

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