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The New 12V 100ah and 12V 200Ah Water Proof Sodium Ion Cranking Batteries

Unleash the power of green energy with our 12V 100Ah Sodium Ion Starting Battery. Reimagining the essence of automotive performance, this eco-conscious battery provides an exceptional combination of high energy density, longevity, and reliability for all vehicle types.

Crafted with advancements in sodium ion technology, our battery delivers a robust starting power that ensures your ignition is crisp and consistent. The unparalleled efficiency outshines traditional lead acid batteries, offering you a swift start every time you turn the key.

Move towards a more sustainable future as our battery replaces harmful materials with eco-friendly alternatives, reducing your carbon footprint. Its superior safety performance, with minimal heat generation and resistance to extreme temperatures, set a new standard in battery safety, putting your mind at ease.

Whether you’re driving a car, cruising on a marine vessel, riding a motorcycle, or powering an e-bike, our sodium ion starting battery is engineered to support a wide array of applications. It’s an ideal power solution for solar systems, providing reliable energy under the sun. And for those who roam in RVs, embrace uninterrupted travels with a battery designed for the long road.

Leo I
Leo I
I have two 100Ah batteries on my boat, great product, quality and amazing warranty. Highly recommend Tournament Lithium
L Kelly
L Kelly
Had an issue with my tournament lithium. Bought it from a dealer. I fish tournaments on the weekends and have one this weekend. Michael was great got bk to me immediately and after a discussion on what the battery was doing agreed it was faulty and swapped it out with a new one. Good customer support. Uptime is key
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas
So…after fishing on a couple boats with GPS anchors…I had to have one…gotta have it…you know the deal. Called Rhodan…got great customer service…bought a 36v unit. They have only tested with a certain battery…this battery was VERY expensive. The hunt was on. I found Tournament Lithium’s website…found a 36v 100ah battery and was immediately intrigued. I called the number…left a message…got a call back from Mike, the owner. We talked for at least a half an hour (about more than batteries) and decided on the 36v 100ah battery package (battery, charger, mounting bracket, and hold-down strap)….for only $2000us (no loonies or toonies down here). It arrived, well-packaged, in a couple of days. Now here is why you need to buy from TL…I had to extend the the charger leads to accommodate the battery location vs the charger location). Called Mike. left a message…he called me back…again! We spoke for at least another half an hour discussing amperage drawn and wire gauge. Mike said he would have to confirm with the factory and will get back to me. Within 2 days we had our answer. YOU WILL NEVER GET CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THIS FROM THE OTHER BATTERY MANUFACTURERS…Mike is the man for customer service!
Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews
Running 12v 100ah x2 Tournament Lithium batteries for my 80lbTerrova. Incredible run time, quick charging and a huge weight savings from lead acid!! Increase your time on the water and less time charging.
Frank Di
Frank Di
I have been running 120 AH tournament lithium batteries for 1 year now with out any issues. Plenty of power and the reduced weight in the back means quicker hole shots and better gas mileage. Also it’s a local company and any warranty issues will be quickly dealt with. Buy with confidence!
Shalena Thompson
Shalena Thompson
Needed a battery for my kayak trolling motor and came across Tournament Lithium and their 100ah Kayak specific battery. Very pleased with its performance and appreciated it’s light weight. I have peace of mind knowing I won’t run out of power on the water. Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable power source.
Andrew Klassen
Andrew Klassen
I’m absolutely blown away by the performance of these batteries. As a guide, I’ve used a lot of different makes and models over the years. I now have 3 of the 12V 120AH Extreme models, and 2 12V 100AH Flagship models. I’ve never used a more powerful battery. Super light, amazing performance in the boat, charges fast, and an unbeatable warranty. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Tournament Lithium

“Changing the way, EXPLORE.”


Water Proof Sodium Ion Cranking Batteries

Here’s what makes the 12V 100Ah Car Sodium Ion Starting Battery a revolutionary step forward in battery technology:

Asset 1

Enhanced Energy Density

Enjoy more power in a smaller package, enabling you to ignite your journey with confidence.

Asset 3

Extended Lifespan

Benefit from an investment that lasts, offering longer battery life to match the demands of the road.

Asset 6

Eco-friendly Solution

Choose sustainability without compromising on performance, thanks to sodium ion’s abundant availability.

Asset 2

Unmatched Safety

With better safety features against short circuits and extreme temperatures, travel without worries.

Asset 1

Wide Application Use

Experience versatility as this battery seamlessly integrates with various types of vehicles and systems.

The New 12V 100ah and 12V 200Ah Water Proof Sodium Ion Cranking Batteries

Information & specifications

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity 100Ah(at 0.5C rate discharge after standard charge)

Operating Voltage

Energy Density

Cycle Life >3000 CYCLES @0.2C 60%DOD

Months Self Discharge

Efficiency of Charge 98~99% @0.5C

Standard Charge

Maximum Charging Voltage 15.8V

Recommend Charging Current 0.2C-20A

Charge Temperature -10°C~45°C

Discharge Temperature -30°C~90°C

Storage Temperature -30°C~60°C

IP Class IP67


Approx. Dimensions Length:355*wideth:175*height:188mm

Approx. Weight  12±0.5kg

Energy Density: 99WH/kg

Capacity: 1240Wh


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