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experience the sheer power of our Cutting Edge Solution.

Our lithium batteries are created with the highest quality materials. Built for the long haul, these batteries will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment.



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36V 110Ah 3,960 Wh Tournament Lithium Bluetooth Marine Trolling Motor Battery

Introducing Tournament Lithium’s cutting-edge single 36V (volt) 110Ah (amp hour) battery. Experience the power to fuel your passions from sunrise to sunset. Engineered with advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology.


that overpower the competition

When it comes to powering your trolling motor, settling for anything less than the best is simply not an option. At Tournament Lithium, we understand the crucial role a reliable trolling motor battery plays in your fishing adventures. Our cutting-edge batteries are designed to not just meet, but exceed your expectations, ensuring that your time on the water is always powered to perfection.

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12V Trolling Motors

Our 12V Exclusive Trolling Motor Batteries

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24V Trolling Motors

Our 24V Exclusive Trolling Motor Batteries

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Our 36V Exclusive Trolling Motor Batteries

36V Trolling Motors

Our 36V Exclusive Trolling Motor Batteries



Introducing the innovative 12V 100Ah Sodium Ion Starting Battery, a revolution in automotive power technology. This cutting-edge battery leverages the remarkable potential of sodium ion chemistry, providing unparalleled performance and efficiency compared to conventional lead acid batteries.


The lithium ion deep cycle battery manufactured by grade A LiFePO4 cells with high energy density, no memory effect and more stable performance and greater power. Supporting IP66/IP68 waterproof and max 4 series connection and limited parrallel connection. Batteries must be same voltage before series and parrallel. Lithium ion battery 12V 100Ah (LiFePO4) can support Bluetooth and UART or 485 communication.



Lithium batteries have twice the power.

Our lithium batteries are created with the highest quality materials. Built for the long haul, these batteries will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment on the water.
Leo I
Leo I
I have two 100Ah batteries on my boat, great product, quality and amazing warranty. Highly recommend Tournament Lithium
L Kelly
L Kelly
Had an issue with my tournament lithium. Bought it from a dealer. I fish tournaments on the weekends and have one this weekend. Michael was great got bk to me immediately and after a discussion on what the battery was doing agreed it was faulty and swapped it out with a new one. Good customer support. Uptime is key
Adam Lucas
Adam Lucas
So...after fishing on a couple boats with GPS anchors...I had to have one...gotta have know the deal. Called great customer service...bought a 36v unit. They have only tested with a certain battery...this battery was VERY expensive. The hunt was on. I found Tournament Lithium's website...found a 36v 100ah battery and was immediately intrigued. I called the number...left a a call back from Mike, the owner. We talked for at least a half an hour (about more than batteries) and decided on the 36v 100ah battery package (battery, charger, mounting bracket, and hold-down strap)....for only $2000us (no loonies or toonies down here). It arrived, well-packaged, in a couple of days. Now here is why you need to buy from TL...I had to extend the the charger leads to accommodate the battery location vs the charger location). Called Mike. left a message...he called me back...again! We spoke for at least another half an hour discussing amperage drawn and wire gauge. Mike said he would have to confirm with the factory and will get back to me. Within 2 days we had our answer. YOU WILL NEVER GET CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THIS FROM THE OTHER BATTERY MANUFACTURERS...Mike is the man for customer service!
Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews
Running 12v 100ah x2 Tournament Lithium batteries for my 80lbTerrova. Incredible run time, quick charging and a huge weight savings from lead acid!! Increase your time on the water and less time charging.
Frank Di
Frank Di
I have been running 120 AH tournament lithium batteries for 1 year now with out any issues. Plenty of power and the reduced weight in the back means quicker hole shots and better gas mileage. Also it’s a local company and any warranty issues will be quickly dealt with. Buy with confidence!
Shalena Thompson
Shalena Thompson
Needed a battery for my kayak trolling motor and came across Tournament Lithium and their 100ah Kayak specific battery. Very pleased with its performance and appreciated it's light weight. I have peace of mind knowing I won't run out of power on the water. Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable power source.
Andrew Klassen
Andrew Klassen
I'm absolutely blown away by the performance of these batteries. As a guide, I've used a lot of different makes and models over the years. I now have 3 of the 12V 120AH Extreme models, and 2 12V 100AH Flagship models. I've never used a more powerful battery. Super light, amazing performance in the boat, charges fast, and an unbeatable warranty. I can't say enough good things about them!

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cutting-edge single 36V (volt) 110Ah (amp hour) battery

Experience the power to fuel your passions from sunrise to sunset. Engineered with advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, this battery packs three times the power, yet weighs only a third of traditional lead acid batteries. Plus, it lasts five times longer, delivering exceptional value for a lifetime.

Power Up Your Adventures with High-Performance Lithium Batteries!

"Experience the unrivaled endurance and reliable performance of our cutting-edge lithium batteries, ensuring seamless power for all your outdoor adventures.

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Maximum Power Efficiency

Our lithium batteries deliver a potent and consistent power supply, optimizing the performance of your marine and golf cart applications.

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Reliability Redefined

Count on our batteries for a dependable and durable energy source, providing peace of mind during every journey, on land or at sea.

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Expert Support

Enjoy the assurance of round-the-clock support from our knowledgeable team, ensuring you get the most out of your lithium battery experience.

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Extended Lifespan

Benefit from a longer lifespan compared to traditional batteries, reducing the frequency of replacements and overall cost of ownership.

our trolling motor batteries

can't be beat

Our trolling motor batteries have twice the power

Optimized Trolling Performance:

Elevate your fishing experience with our trolling motor batteries, engineered for optimal performance, delivering consistent power to keep you effortlessly gliding through the water.

Extended Fishing Adventures:

With an impressive longevity, our batteries ensure extended hours on the water, giving anglers the freedom to explore more fishing spots without worrying about battery life.

Silent Power:

Experience the silent power of our trolling motor batteries, providing a stealthy approach to fishing while maintaining the energy needed for a successful day on the water.

We'll get you up and running in no time

No more worrying, Tournament Lithium batteries are fast, efficient, lightweight, and easy to use. you'll be able to spend more time on doing the things you love.

Need some help determining exactly which batteries you need for your application? Let our lithium battery experts help you find the right battery.


38D Commercial Grade 36V 100Ah Storage

The HM484 Commercial Battery Box is a battery storage solution for sizes group 8D batteries, including Marine, RV, and Commercial equipment.

Satisfied customers

Andrew Klassen
Andrew KlassenFebruary, 2022
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I'm absolutely blown away by the performance of these batteries. As a guide, I've used a lot of different makes and models over the years. I now have 3 of the 12V 120AH Extreme models, and 2 12V 100AH Flagship models. I've never used a more powerful battery. Super light, amazing performance in the boat, charges fast, and an unbeatable warranty. I can't say enough good things about them!
Geoff Fry
Geoff FryJanuary, 2022
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I purchased and used the 12v 100AH battery with the LED readout on top. One full fishing season in now complete. The battery has so much juice I can use it a few hours a day over a week without a charge on my 16ft boat. I was skeptical of the LED readout as it was always giving such high readings after a day on the water. Can that be? So I often test the voltage with my volt meter for piece of mind. Both my volt meter and the LED read out are the same or within .1 volts. Very nice.
Danny Colquitt
Danny ColquittGeorgia, USA
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The batteries performed great no problems whatsoever. Easy install. Charger works great. Bluetooth app is awesome. Fished for 9 hours with no sign of power drop off. Communication with you was excellent. Thanks again for a great purchase. I have had several Guys ask me about you maybe we will make another sale.
Chris Visser
Chris VisserFebruary, 2022
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Bought a 60Ah battery at the start of 2021 to power my kayak trolling motor and also as a power source during camping trips. Was used weekly and after multiple charging cycles it still performs flawlessly. Very happy with the purchase and can recommend the batteries to anyone.
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I saw Lithium Marine Batteries at the boat show a year ago. I almost fell over when they were asking $1800.00 dollars for one 12 volt 100 ah battery. I latter found a company out of Oakville Ontario that had their Brand Tournament Lithium Trolling motor batteries. I was interested to find out that they have worked on a perfect formula for current trolling motors that include Tournament Lithium Marine batteries in a set of 1 plus charger for 12 volt motors. 2 x 12 volt 100ah for 24 volt trolling motors and 3 x 12 volt 100 amp hour for 36 volt trolling motor batteries. They teamed up with a well know battery charger company out of the USA to make chargers that are specific to charge Lithium batteries perfectly. It also promotes the long life of Lithium Marine Batteries to last 8 to 10 years.
Matt F.
Matt F.January, 2022
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I spent the last 4 months of the open water season putting my 100aH Tournament Lithium battery to the test in my Old Town Predator MK. Between strong river currents, inland reservoirs, and the great lakes - this thing performed. Aside from the bonus of being so light in weight, my favourite aspect is the ability to monitor your remaining aH usage through the Bluetooth app. This is crucial when you depend on power to cover big water. I have had only one unexpected power drop on the water but still trying to determine the culprit between battery, Noco charger, or BMS bluetooth app settings. Either way, Mike has kept up communication since the beginning. Thanks!!!
John Vosilla
John VosillaShop Owner
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I purchased 2 of these 24v. They directly replaced the original sla batteries that were fading fast. They last a long time. The down side is the bms. The bms is great for charging (preventing over-charging) but the bms kicks in if i try to run on max power and it shuts the bike down. The bike works well on the lower torque setting but not high. So, be warned, the bms protects the battery but in some situations, it may not be ideal for your usage. Overall a great purchase. The bike runs longer and is still fast, these are way better than sla and worth the price.
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Chained two of them for 24v and placed in an older think electric bike. . Good for 14 hrs on full power. Charged with original sla charger. Wish the price was lower...
JermyBoat Owner
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I concur with the tester that did a drain down test to this battery. I was very surprised to find a capacity of over 10ah on two tests with a remarkably high efficiency of recharge as previously reported. I stopped at 10.1ah since the voltage dropped to 10.2 volts under load at 4.6a drain and i did not want to excessively drain the battery. I bought the battery as a standby electric outboard battery in a sailboat.
Mike Cline
Mike Cline
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I have been using Lithium Marine batteries for a year now. At first I did not realize the difference between Lithium Marine Batteries, and AGM, or lead acid. It was shown to me to buy Tournament Lithium, that over an 8-10 year period, Lithium batteries are actually cheaper to own. They also provide twice the power of lead acid batteries. When I am fishing, I can fish all day long. I don't have to call it a day after 3-4 hours. Tournament Lithium Marine Batteries are definitely worth the cost.
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Americans are becoming comfortable with Lithium Marine Batteries. Most of the Pro circuit fishing pro’s now use them. They are 2 x more powerful than lead acid or AGM, but also weight much less. When you're running to specific locations to fish a tournament and at high speeds, the benefit of 150 lbs of less weight makes a difference both in speed and fuel consumption. These batteries are more expensive to buy, but are cheaper to run in the long run. They can last up to 10 years! with over 5000 charges.
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I bought a brand new Tahoe this summer and it included a 24 volt trolling motor. I went out 2 or 3 times and was surprised that I was only able to run about 2 hours on this brand new Trolling motor. I spoke with a neighbour who runs them and he recommended Tournament Lithium Marine Batteries to me. He told me that they were made from Iron Phosphate and were very safe. Much safer than L ion batteries. I put in a complete 24 volt battery system including charger, and wow... not only looks great, but what a game changer for me.
Michael Bodnar
Michael BodnarJanuary, 2022
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Needed reliable and instant power for My fishing kayak. Was referred by fellow kayak anglers to Tournament Lithium. I acquired Batteries for Myself and My fishing partner. Wasn't familiar with Lithium power. Awesome! Put them through a full season..and was thoroughly impressed with the performance. Fished hard and for multiple outings. Never had any issues with power drop off. All the power and reliability I was looking for. Highly recommended 5 stars from Me.
Et Lim
Et LimJuly, 2021
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Battery works well. Recommended!




Here at Tournament Lithium Direct we help power your passion from morning to night. Built for abuse during long, tournaments, Lithium batteries are designed to endure. Our hard warranty is 10 years. Our batteries are constructed to last 10 years at 80 percent charge.

To help you do what you love longer. A battery made to last. We’ve harnessed the power of lithium chemistry and combined it with tournament grit to build you a better battery.

Tournament Lithium Batteries will give you twice the run time for your on-board electronics and twice the storage capacity for solar energy, while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Plus, tournament lithium's signature lifepo4 technology will perform at temperatures down to -40 F and weighs half that of traditional batteries providing superior performance in all weather, while shedding pounds off of your equipment.


Tournament Lithium batteries charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. We suggest at least a 10 amp charger per battery for regular use

Long lasting

Tournament deep cycle lithium batteries have a lifespan of 2-4 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Up to 70% lighter

Tournament lithium batteries can help you drop a significant amount of weight from your boat.


Tournament deep cycle lithium batteries are safe, non-toxic, and energy efficient.

Lower discharge rate

Tournament deep cycle lithium batteries self-discharge at only about 2% per month compared to lead-acid 30%.

Run in parallel

Connect multiple lithium batteries and run as many as needed in parallel.

Maintenance free

No more annoying distilled water maintenance necessary to keep your battery healthy.

Bluetooth monitoring

Tournament lithium marine batteries come with built in Bluetooth monitoring. Check the battery level from your phone so you can know exactly what your battery life is at any time.

Drop in replacement

Tournament lithium batteries are plug and play. Just connect your battery and you're ready to go.